Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Death Penalty Must Stop

Texas conducts the most execution in the nation. Some argue that death penalty gives closure to the victims’ families who suffered tremendously, is a negative re-enforcement for crime, is a form of justice, serves as a deterrent who are already serving a life sentence, prevents the danger of potential escape, and prevents overpopulation in the prison system. While these arguments are valid and logical, there are several reasons for Texas to consider abolishing the death penalty: The cost of execution, the rising number of wrongly-convicted innocent citizens, and moral issues.

Firstly, a recent article announced that Texas had to implement the change in its lethal injection protocol, and use a single drug because the supply for one of the drugs used in lethal injection had expired. Texas. The cost of death penalty is continuously soaring.

According to a recent announcement, at least 100 people had been exonerated from death row since 1973 to 2002. There is a saying, “it is better to let a thousand guilty men go free than imprison one innocent man.” This is especially the case for death penalty. Even the slightest chance of an innocent person being put to death should convince us that the idea is morally wrong. The number of people wrongly convicted is the number of reasons to turn away from capital punishment. Also, giving death penalty to a murderer to show killing is wrong is very much ironic. It would only engrave the idea of “eye-to-eye” revenge mentality to the society. Also, it would not bring the victim back to life.

Some may argue that the overpopulation in the prison system can be a big problem. However, if the prisoners can bring in enough revenue, or reduce costs, the state can build more prison, and there would be no problem. The state should utilize the potential work force in the prison. Most of the prisoners are capable of labor, and many would be more than happy to work if there is some sort of reward. The state is facing the budget shortfall, and the prisoners could probably contribute to public construction or the city maintenance by picking up trash. There are many ways in which the state can be creative to utilize the unused work force. According to an article, In Brazil, the prisoners can reduce sentence by contributing to the society. For every sixteen hours put in on a set of special bicycles, one day is reduced. The bikes charge the batteries. The batteries are brought to the city center to power street lights. The state can easily make good use of the work force in the prison.

There are more valid reasons for the death penalty practice to stop than there are for it to continue. As mentioned, the state would prevent any innocent citizens from being convicted, and potentially raise revenue or reduce cost. The death penalty should stop.

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