Thursday, July 19, 2012

Editorial About Obesity

An anonymous author wrote an editorial, “Hays students’ weight triggers alarm,” on Austin American Statesman about youth obesity on May 29th, 2012. The author emphasizes the danger of obesity, and insinuates that losing weight is not an option anymore. According to the author, thirty-nine percent of the third to twelve grade students are overweight in Hays County, and the Texas businesses spend approximately 42.5 billion dollars on obesity in total. The number of obese people continues to rise as the obesity-related expenses skyrockets, and a study estimates the adult obesity rate to triple by 2040. The author states that reducing obesity will require the government to put in considerable amount of effort and money.

The author wrote this editorial in order to increase public awareness of obesity; this is exactly what the government should do. The author provides numerous statistics from reliable sources to increase his/her credibility.  While the name is not mentioned, the author succeeds in writing a credible paper. In addition, the evidence and the statistics the author provides to support his/her claim flows well with the logic behind it.

I could not agree with the author more. Obesity is not only dangerous to one’s health, but it is also dangerous to the government, the economy, and the society as a whole. The obesity rate in Hays County seems a bit more extreme than other Texas states, but in general, Texas is also FAT. Texas has ranked number seven in child obesity, and twelfth in overall obesity ranking. As the author suggested, I believe the government should put in more effort to reduce obesity. The government could increase public awareness by using more ads and enforcing restrictions on cafeteria food for public schools. Obesity comes from unhealthy diet; usually, poor people tend to become obese more easily. Also, unhealthy eating is a habit. From childhood, it is important to develop a healthy habit for eating. The government should start with children obesity. In conclusion, the author has effectively showed how the obesity is rising rapidly, and will eventually be one of the most prominent problems in terms of economy, and health care. 

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